Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 3

Just let my mother in law take Zoey for a bit because I need to go sit in line to set up payment for my paternity leave.

What a weird feeling. I strapped her into the backseat and felt for a second like I was just abandoning her. My logical side took over and sorted me out, I obviously need to get this paperwork done so we can get paid... but, strange... a sign of fatherhood I guess...

Time to go stand in line in the government offices while I imagine a million different scenarios preventing me from seeing Zoey again.


  1. Hang in there Monsieur H. Il y a tous le tent
    la banane qu'il vous attent!


  2. I drove your place the other evening, and said to myself;

    "What's he changing in there?
    What the hell is he changing in there?
    He has subscriptions to those movie magazines.
    He's all to himself.
    I think I know why.
    He must work for Vistek, and probably spent time in jail.
    He eats large quantities of bananas.
    he loves road trips, and stopping for "cones."
    What's that tune he's always whistling.
    What's he changing in there?
    We have a right to know!"