Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Week in Review - The Weekend

Sorry to the few that actually read this thing, but, this week was just crazy.

Buddhism states that life is suffering, babies are definitely a part of that equation. Again, I applaud my wife and anyone else there who has a baby like Zoey, who's ability to go from awesome to insanely frustrating in 0.04 seconds is a feat all its own.

Let me tee this up starting with last weekend.

Okay, so the good. 

We got given a car. One of my mother in law's friends decided to give us her old Saturn which is great. The only downside is that is that it kinda smells. By kinda, I mean that it's probably what you'd imagine some old miser who traded in his suit and big house for overalls, a shack in the woods would smell like... but still... FREE!

Also, I got to show off my new fatherly skills by helping put Zoey to sleep and helping out with her more. Which was a nice sign of progression for me because I felt a lot less useless in the "Zoey is being crazy" mode and was actually able to help. Before I would stand idly by while my wife tried to cull her. By idly by, I mean watch a movie or play my Playstation.

It made me feel pretty good to know I could help and it helped me relate to my wife a lot more.

The bad.

On Sunday we had some people over to pick up some baby supplies we were giving them. They came in with their two children and stayed around for about thirty minutes. 

At first, this was pretty interesting to me because I got to see Zoey interact with another baby. She was interested and very vocal about the whole experience, it was a pretty cool thing to see. She then proceed to take the other baby's soother and put it in her mouth. My wife quickly jumped in, took the soother away and told Zoey not to do that. 

The mom of the other little one quickly jumped in and stated that it's just baby drool, there's no big deal. For those of you that don't know, babies don't carry germs in their saliva, it's made up of rainbows and teddy bears instead. Germs don't happen until you are at least able to talk. 

Leaving my sarcasm for my few readers, I said nothing.

So, time passed. They get up and are about to leave, when the mom casually drops this nice little tidbit of information.

"My kids are just getting over the flu."


Why did you not just stay in the car?

But, being Canadian or politely stupid, we say nothing and they leave.

The ugly.

We go to bed that night with Zoey. Zoey is being a terror and has decided that since she doesn't get to see her mom enough during the day that she is going to start sleeping in our bed despite our efforts and her apparent chloroform resilience. 

So, my wife and I are both awoken in the middle of the night, but a beautiful geyser of milk and other varieties of mushed up food spewing from Zoey as she lies on her back. 

WHOOOOOPPPPEEE!!!! Zoey is sick... just in time for the week to start with daddy!

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