Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So, day 1 has come and passed.

It was really a lot more uneventful that I had expected.

I got away without having to change a poo diaper, and with my past talent, I should be able to escape the dreaded fecal doom.

I did manage to get her to go down for two naps as well, although, not in her crib. Both were on me. The first one was in the morning. I found a great movie to watch, Flame and Citron, so, while walking her around the room, I watched it and got quite into it. It is Danish though, so, I had to read the subtitles.

So, I'm pacing the room with a little bounce in my step and I can hear her nodding off, I'm thinking to myself, alright, this isn't so bad.

She falls asleep.

I think, should I attempt the crib. I don't press my luck, and just try sitting on the couch with her. She stirs, but, continues sleeping.

After about 10 minutes, I'm pretty cramped up, sitting in this strange half slouch and slowly make my way to lying down.

Perfect she stays asleep.

Then, about one minute into me lying down, she shifts and ends up with her head on my neck, forcing me to either stare at the ceiling or the back of the couch.

I chose ceiling, and listen to the rest of the movie, however, not being from Denmark, I understand nothing.

From there, it was a simple rest of the morning. I fed her, changed some diapers and managed to take Zoey, and my two dogs, Reggie and Ellie all for a walk.

Then, nap 2.

This one was a bit rougher. She ate, then became cranky, muttering the dreaded word of, mum.

About 5 minutes into this fussiness, tears are streaming down her face, my shirt is soaked. She eventually cries her self to sleep on my shoulder.

I think, this time, it's a crib attempt.

Instant fail.

She wakes up from her 10 minute sleep and seems to have energy. I pick her up, and the energy turns back into screaming and a river of tears.

She again passes out on me. I put on a movie, in english this time and relax on the couch.

I get through the whole movie, and then she wakes up.

So, all in all, not so bad, but, I did have plans to get some rather important things done today. So, for all those waiting of reading my short script, that will be sent out to the crew once Zoey is in bed.

Lets hope that I can master the crib transfer so that I can actually get some work done over this time off or I may go crazy. I can only play Zoey's bed so many times before some form of insanity hits.

Off to makes supper.

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