Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, I'm going to be updating this blog everyday once my paternity leave starts, or so I hope. Supposedly babies can prevent you from doing anything you want to do, which is really why I thought I'd start this blog to begin with, to keep my sanity, or at least to have some friends and family enjoy my journey into madness over the next 90 days.

I'm sure if you look deep enough into the baby blocks I picked out as my background, you'll find the words "save me."

During this time, I'll also be trying to complete my third short film and with any luck, working on a new draft of my feature film. (Bring on the development money)

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting my daughter Zoey, she's a cute little girl with more energy than one of those strung out, PCP filled junkies you see on COPS, with the same sporadic movements. Oh, and I get her right when she's becoming more mobile.

Not to mention that Zoey hates sleep, like HATES it and I've never been able to get her to succesfully sleep, other than on me, which makes it tough to get any work done. Me trying to get Zoey to sleep only results in a crying baby sobbing out the words, "Mum, mum, mum..."

Dear Zeus, what have I agreed to.

Prior to this upcoming paternity leave, I was blessed to have my job as her dad limited to entertaining her for an hour here and there, feeding her on occasion and changing the odd diaper. (Pee only) Avoiding a shit filled diaper has become an art for me that I'll now have to leave behind.

I can only thank my wife for being cool with me in my limited role and taking on the majority of the work. But, she's back to work now and as much as she may say she doesn't want to go back to work, I'm sure there is a part of her that is reveling at the idea of me changing dirty diapers, trying to put her down for a nap and keeping up with her endless energy.

Let the chaos begin.


  1. As a online friend of Alyssa, I can't WAIT to read your blog! Zoey is a beautiful little girl and if She is any thing like my babe, HAVE FUN! And take LOTS of pictures.... in your spare time that is. :)

  2. I am so excited to follow this blog. I often wonder how my husband would make out without me at home, even for a day... this is a much less stressful way for me to find out! LOL

    Thanks for starting this!

  3. "Leave that behind"... lol!

    Seriously though - it will have it's challenging moments but I have every confidence you will do great. I've seen you display immense patience and enthusiasm with a very high energy little girl before!