Sunday, July 24, 2011

Updates from the World of Zo.

So, what has been happening...

The cage is no longer the safe haven it used to be. I remember putting her in side her lovely six sided oasis and making dinner, cleaning up the house or really just whatever needed to be done sans Zoey. Well, that is all in the past.

Zoey has decided that with just enough force and leverage, that her cage makes a perfect walking aid. So, now, I walk into the kitchen to pour myself a coffee and then turn around and Zoey is half was across the room pushing the entire cage. It's not like this is some small area either, this thing is probably about five feet by five feet being dragged across the hardwood. We originally sliced up some foam squares thinking it would create some friction preventing her from moving it... it doesn't.

I have resorted to eating my breakfast leaned up against the cage while watching SportsCentre.

In other news, I have been promoted in parent status. I have successfully put Zoey either to bed in her crib or put her back to sleep at night. Yes, at night, I still haven't managed to get her to sleep in her crib during the day. But, I was the last thing Zoey wanted to see once the night rolled around, however, now, I can put her down relatively quickly. This has inflated my fatherhood ego and I'm rather proud of myself.

There isn't too much else that's been happening except that Zoey is now starting to learn. I sat with her in her cage getting her to throw her balls from over the top of the cage at our dogs, because these are things I like to teach children.

Zoey would grab a ball and climb the wall of her cage and then I would hold her arm and fling it tossing the ball out of the cage. I did this with each ball she had for a total of three times.

Now for the cool part.

So, I get out of her cage and grab the balls and throw them back into the cage and then tell her to get the ball.

I watch the wheels turn in her head as I repeat myself about three of four times and then it happens. She crawls to the opposite side of her cage, gets the ball and climbs up the wall until she is standing.

I'm pretty excited at this point and I'm asking her to throw it over to me. She tries a few times, stretching up but then dropping the ball inside the cage. But, after a few attempts.. She does it. Throwing it towards me.

Now this is like man landing on the moon or anything, but, for me it was awesome to see her learn. To actually process what I was asking and then to do it.

Only three more weeks of this and my goal of having her walking seems like it may not happen. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but, I really don't want the caregiver to be the one to see her first steps.

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