Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm still here

For anyone following this, I'm sorry. I haven't posted because I don't feel there is much story to my life in the last 2 weeks.

Really, not much has happened. I have yet to put Zoey to sleep in her crib, I have however mastered playing my Playstation while she sleeps on me. Fathers, master this technique and staying at home with the baby is no longer that bad.

Since getting the baby cage, Zoey has really been a lot easier to take care of. She enjoys being in there and I enjoy putting her in there. It's not as bad as it sounds though, and more often then not, I cram myself in there with her and let her shove her toys in my mouth.

For some reason, Zoey has decided that I should eat all her toys. Whatever she picks up, she shoves in my mouth. I blame her giraffe toy that I previously mentioned. It was her first toy that she really played with and all it entailed was putting balls in the giraffe's mouth and music played... I think she is hoping I sing her a song once she jams her toy down my esophagus.

I've been at this stay at home dad thing for about a month and a half and I've finally found my groove, so, with the lack of drama, I've found it hard to blog and make it entertaining.

It's becoming very monotonous to tell you the truth.

Wake up at 5 am - take the dogs out. Get back in and try to go to sleep. If I'm lucky, Zoey has slept through the night, if not, when I come back, Zoey has stretched out across my side of the bed. In which case I lay down on about 5 inches of bed and try to sleep.

Then Zoey gets up around 6. We play... well, she plays while I try and watch Sports Centre from her cage or if she's up for it, from the couch.

8 o clock, I put her down for a nap. Which, yes, still consists of her using me as her mattress.

Around 10 she wakes up and I feed her, then we take the dogs out. Handling 2 pugs and a stroller isn't as bad as I would like it to be, if it was, it'd have already been an article all to itself.

Then we play some more.

Noon, she goes for a nap. This is usually where I get some play time for myself in. So glad I learnt how to play video games while she sleeps, now, if only I could learn to storyboard.

At around 2 she wakes up and eats.

Then we take the dogs out.

Around 3 ish, we play again. At this point in the day, my enthusiasm is a lot lower. I will sometimes just wheel her out in her high chair to our balcony and see if she's cool with it so I can actually just enjoy the weather.

Then I start to make supper once that is done. This is the hard part. Zoey usually fusses quite a bit around this time and makes it hard for me to make anything. As soon as I leave her cage, she starts to cry. I have resorted to prepping the meal while standing in her pen. Luckily it's close to the counter.

And that's about it.

If that was boring for you to read, imagine doing that every day. It takes it's toll. There are people out there that are probably reading that and thinking: I'd rather to that than work. Not me, I'd rather work. I can't stand not being productive. It is rewarding however when she learns something new.

Now, I know, they learn something new all the time, but, I want something tangible. I usually get rewarded about once a week.

As jaded as this may sound. It's not exactly horrible. It's more me. I work best with a routine and I read somewhere that babies are the same. So, that is why it's so rigid.

But, with this month and a half behind me. I really think that all fathers should do what I've done. It's made me not only closer with Zoey and her with me, but, it really shows you the other side.

It's been pretty great... boring, but, great.

It does make me wonder one thing though. Why do we do this? We spend the first few years slaving after our children, then they become teens and hate us. All I can hope for is that between like 3-10 is some kind of golden lining that I'm not aware of. Either that, or you try to guide them towards lucrative professions so that you can retire early and have them provide for you.

I don't know about you guys, but, I can't wait to be old enough for diapers....


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