Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Week in Review - The Week

So.... the week.

Monday opens up as you'd expect it to with a baby with the flu.


Interestingly enough, Zoey pukes, but the resumes going back to playing or whatever it is she's doing like nothing happened.

She's a little bit crankier than normal during the day, but, also more tired, which would be great except.... right.... I still can't get her to sleep in her bed.

I spend most of the day on the couch with a sleeping sweaty baby on me. For some that might be great, watching TV, not working... for me... it's horrible.

I lie on my back thinking staring at the stipple in my ceiling thinking about all the things I could be doing... polishing up a script, fleshing out a new idea, getting some prep done on my short film. But, NO, ceiling for you!

She wakes up, I peel her sweat laden body off me, leaving a baby shape on my T-shirt and take her over to the chair to feed her.

She's not really that hungry and then...


Out the back of her diaper soiling her high chair.

WHAT? Babies have germs?

This day continues to be this pretty much all day.

Tuesday was a bit better, no puking, but, diapers are still horrible. I missed the poos of old.

Then comes Tuesday night.

My wife and I awake to find ourselves horribly, horribly sick. Running back and forth from the bed to the washroom...

WOW! Thanks, this could've all been avoided, but, remember, babies' drool is made from unicorn urine and fairy sweat.

Zoey, still refusing to sleep in her crib, somehow peacefully sleep through this horrid marathon me and her mother are on up and down the hall, but will wake up then second her door creaks when she's put down in her crib??

Wednesday, which was supposed to be a day from me to get work done while Zoey visits with grandma, turns into Grandma taking Zoey so me and wifey can be sick all day and lie around more unproductive than ever and viciously sick to boot.


Thursday was me trying to cope with Zoey while still recovering from this plague brought on by the children of the corn... I hardly remember it... All I remember is the music of Zoey's toy giraffe playing over and over again.

I sat her in front of it and just lied on the floor trying to maintain consciousness while she hit the button over and over again. It is some kind of circus/fair like song that you hear playing while a carney berates you in front of your date making you feel already more awkward than you already are.... or is that just me?

That was Thursday... and Friday... I got nothing done and felt horrible as well... it was great. It was the longest week of my life. I have worked some boring jobs and what not, but, this was seriously the week that wouldn't end.

The only real difference between Friday and Thursday is that I watched "How to Die in Oregon." A great documentary, but, horribly hard to watch and pretty damn sad. So, not only am I sick, but, I'm seeing people much sicker than I am. You'd think I'd start magically feeling better and not so sorry for myself... instead I think I might be dying.

Having a baby is a tough, tough job.

This weekend we hope to get her sleeping back in her crib to maybe maintain our relationship just enough to not be on Zoey time all the time. I really hope we have some success.

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