Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day without Zoey

Yesterday I got to spend some time without Zoey. After 2 weeks of being on pure baby time, it was almost surreal.

First, I had a meeting to start putting my new short film in motion.

It was great to be able to sit down and enjoy a coffee outside without having to continually look over my shoulder. Zoey has a tendency to be super content up until the point that I start to actually enjoy myself. Then, with the flip of a switch, she becomes restless and wants attention or craps her pants. Usually it's the crapping of the pants. I think the look of relaxation on my face somehow triggers it.

Anyhow, it was awesome to see that this, my potential last short film, may actually be coming into fruition and talking to an adult was nice to. I had to refrain from making faces at him during any lull in conversation out of some strange habit I've taken up when I have no more ways to entertain Zoey.

Then, I visited my work.

It was great to see my co-workers again and really just to be able to socialize with adults. Something I really take for granted, but, the way I felt by the time I got home was great. Nothing against Zoey, I love her, I think I just need to recruit some like minded stay at home dads to talk to through the week to help maintain my sanity.

If I can continue to get this one day, I think it'll really help me along for the 3 months. By the time I did pick up Zoey, I was happy to see her, and prior to picking her up, I even kinda missed her... well I did fully miss her, but, didn't miss the lack of freedom.

I'm learning that balance is the key to all this, like almost everything in life. Now, it's just a matter of figuring it all out.

Starting pre-production this weekend. I look forward to seeing how I juggle that responsibility over the next few weeks while taking care of the Zo. Hopefully we have some nice weather, she seems to relax easier out there, and I can maybe draw a storyboard or two a day...wish me luck.

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